In Luke 10: 30-37, Jesus tells the story of the Good Samaritan, who gave not only from his financial resources, but from his time, abilities and energy to help a stranger, a man that was despised by the Samaritans, because he was a Jew. (click here for a video presentation of the parable)

This parable shows us not only that we should give, but that there are many ways to give.

Here are some ways that a Christian can give:

  • By Giving Financially:
    • You can Donate to your Church
      Here at Trinity Church of Nunda, we minister locally, nationally and globally. If you choose to donate to Trinity, there are several ways of directing the impact of your giving:
      • General Giving: Keeping the Doors of Our Church Open to the Public (Heat, Water and Electricity; Building Upkeep; Insurance; Security; Office Supplies; Salaries; Music and other expenses.)
      • Benevolence Giving: Helping to Sponsor Food Distributions; Local, National and Global Missions; Summer Camps for Kids; After-School Youth Spaces; Sunday School and much more.
      • There are a number of ways to donate financially to our ministry
        • At our Worship Service:
          We’d love to have you join us on Sundays at 10:30 A.M. at 25 East St. Nunda, NY- please take a look at our “I’m New” page for driving directions and what to expect when you arrive.
        • By Mail to:
          Trinity Church of Nunda
          PO Box 15
          Nunda, NY 14517
          (Please be sure to note on your donation its intended use – “General Giving”, “Benevolence” or something more specific)
        • By giving on-line through a secure service such as Tithely
  • You can Donate to a Charity
  • By Giving From Other Resources:
    • You can join the choir (call Jack at 585-468-2675)
    • You can run for Public office
    • You can volunteer for the Trinity Church Pop-up Pantry  (call Jackie at 585-314-6128)
    • You can volunteer wherever help is needed
    • You can shovel your neighbors’ driveway, take them a meal, talk with them, take them grocery shopping or fill other needs.
    • You can, if you are able, give blood

However you give and whatever you give, please know that we are thankful for your gift and that it will be used for the Glory of God, in Ministering to His Children and in Proclaiming His Good News Throughout the World.

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